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2023 Training Fee

Training/Membership Fee

SWS offers the option of paying by credit card or check, and paying all at once or in two installments. Please use the form below.

Scholarships are available because we do not want the fee to be a barrier.

The fee covers the cost of materials (GTWE, EZ ID, temporary and sturdy lasting nametags), background check, communications technology, and staff support.

How to Pay

  • The 2023 training fee is $300 and may be paid all at once, or in two $150 payments (spring and fall)
  • To pay by credit card, please use online form below. Do not send credit card details via email
  • To pay by check, please make the check to Sound Water Stewards and mail, with this form, to PO Box 1620, Freeland, WA 98249
  • To utilize the pay-what-you-can scholarship (funds have been donated for this purpose), please talk with Camano Coordinator if you have not already, and use the mail-in form

Contact a VETC Lead or staff if you have questions about payment