Garry Oak Savannah Ecosystem Restoration-want to help?

young garry oak at PRI after

At Pacific Rim Institute (PRI), Jim Peskuric, SWS Class of 2022, seeks help with summer weeding and watering maintenance of young Garry Oak trees. The trees are now 6″ to 18″ tall and are sometimes so buried in grass and weeds that they are nearly invisible. See before and after pictures. Did you know that during the oak’s first five years of life, it is establishing a very powerful underground (thus invisible) root system and taproot to make sure the tree gets the nutrients it needs. After five years, the tree shoots UP.

If you have walked the trails at Pacific Rim Institute near Coupeville, you may have seen various ages of Garry Oak Trees. This is your opportunity to be involved in helping restore the Garry Oak prairie and to volunteer with your hands, outdoors (not in front of a zoom screen) to make a difference for habitat restoration.

Please contact Jim to work out a mutually agreeable time to volunteer onsite at PRI
Phone (360) 914-4747
Mobile Phone (425) 599-6094

Jim volunteers at PRI on a regular basis and always appreciates another pair of hands or pairs of hands. Pick a date/time and call a friend to join you. YOU will be able to make a VISIBLE difference! Then when you have visitors, you’ll be able to take them to PRI to see the results of your efforts.

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young garry oak at PRI before


young garry oak at PRI after

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