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Triglochin maritima (Seaside arrow-grass)

photo of seaside arrow-grass
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Belonging to the arrow-grass family (Juncaginaceae), this species is found in tidal marshes, mudflats, and other brackish areas, and also in alkaline freshwater marshes.  Its range includes much of North America, South America, and Northern Europe and Asia.  On the West Coast of the U.S., it can be found from Alaska to California.  This upright plant has narrow fleshy leaves.  Flower spikes can reach a height of 3 feet and the small greenish flowers bloom from May until August.  Seaside arrow-grass is native in the Pacific Northwest.  This plant produces cyanide and is known to be poisonous to livestock.  Other common names for it are common bog arrow-grass, sea arrow-grass, and arrow-grass.    


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photo of seaside arrow grass leaves

photo of seaside arrow grass

photo of seaside arrow-grass