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Abronia latifolia (Yellow sand verbena)

photo of yellow sand verbena
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A native species in the Pacific Northwest, yellow sand verbena belongs to the four o’clock family.  Its range extends from Southern California to the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia.  This plant is found in dunes and other sandy beach areas where it forms low lying mats to 3 feet across.  It often has sand adhered to its stems and leaves.  The clustered flower heads reach a diameter of 2-½ inches and bloom from May to September.  There are two similar species on the American West Coast.  Abronia umbellata or pink sand verbena is unusual north of California but is occasionally seen to Vancouver Island.  Abronia maritima is found in Southern California.        








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photo of yellow sand verbena plant

photo of yellow sand verbena

photo of yellow sand verbena flower


photo of yellow sand verbena