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Idotea resecata (Eelgrass isopod)

photo of eelgrass isopod
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With its translucent green color and instinct for orienting itself lengthwise along a blade of eelgrass, Idotea resecata is well camouflaged and not readily found.  Scientists refer to the terminal portion of the abdomen as the telson.  In this species, the posterior end of the telson is concave making it easy to distinguish from others of its genus. Around Island County, we find Idotea resecata on eelgrass (Zostera sp.) but it is also found on the kelp Macrocystis where the little invertebrate’s color is brown rather than green.  This isopod reaches a maximum length of 1.6 inches (4 cm.) and ranges from the mid intertidal zone to a depth of 60 feet (19 m.).  It feeds on the kelp or eelgrass that it lives on.    

Idotea resecata has also been known under the scientific names Idothea resecata and Pentidotea resecata, and common names concave isopod, kelp isopod, transparent isopod, and cut-tailed isopod. 






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photo of eelgrass isopod