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Eudistylia vancouveri (Northern feather duster worm)

photo of northern feather duster worm
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When the tide goes out, Eudistylia vancouveri looks like an aggregation of pencil sized tubes having a leathery or parchment-like texture.   When covered by water, feathery maroon and green-banded tentacle plumes up to 2 inches in diameter emerge to collect food and oxygen from the water.   The tentacle plume is light sensitive so if a shadow falls across it, the plume will snap instantly back into the tube.   Like other tubeworms, Eudistylia vancouveri is a segmented marine worm belonging to the polychaete phylum.   Look for it in mid to low intertidal zones on rocky beaches or on floats and pilings.   It lives subtidally to a depth of 65 feet or more.   In addition to living in aggregations, it is sometimes seen as solitary individuals.


Other common names for this species are plume worm and parchment tubeworm.   


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photo of northern feather duster worm

photo of northern feather duster worm