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Chthamalus dalli (Little brown barnacle)

photo of little brown barnacle
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The smallest of the Pacific Northwest’s acorn barnacles, this species reaches a diameter of only 0.3 inches (8 mm).  It is gray brown in color.  The little brown barnacle is most commonly found high in the intertidal and splash zones however it is occasionally seen at lower levels.  Because it can live at such high intertidal levels, the little brown barnacle may spend more than half of its life out of the water.  Larvae of this species settle at lower levels but are often crowded out by Balanus glandula and other larger species.  Chthamalus dalli is preyed on by predatory snails including Nucella ostrina and sea stars such as Leptasterias.  Other common names for it are small northern barnacle, brown barnacle, small acorn barnacle, and brown buckshot barnacle.      


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