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Winter Low-Tide Walk at Cama

November 23, 2022 @ 9:30 am 11:00 pm

Hi –

If you’ve looked at a tide book or app for Nov. and Dec, you will have noticed that there are some really good low tides predicted. Unfortunately, the lowest tides are rather late at night. So scheduling the winter beach walks is a compromise between time and tide: scheduled early enough that you don’t have to show up in pajamas but still with a decent low tide.

So with that in mind. I’ll be at Cama at 9:30pm on Wed., Nov. 23. There will be a -2.5ft low tide at about 10:27pm.

If there are high winds, rain, or frozen roads, the event will be cancelled. If not cancelled, wear enough layers to stay warm.  Wear sturdy boots or shoes. Bring a bright flashlight (and a back-up) and/or headlamp. Gloves too.

Feel free to invite friends too.

You can park in the lots by the Cama Center but be carefully walking down the hill.

The next scheduled walk(s) will be just before Christmas. Some really good low tides from -3.4 ft to -3.9ft. You will be sent times and dates in early Dec.  

Please let me know if you have questions. And yes, I know that some of you summer beach walk team members are spending the winter in warmer climes but I just want to know what you’re missing.  🙂

Happy Holidays Everyone,
John Custer