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Catch More Crab!

June 24, 2023 @ 10:00 am 11:00 am

The Dungeness crab fishery is an important cultural, commercial, and recreational resource for the Puget Sound region. It brings families and friends together for harvesting and feasting and generates income for our communities. 

Unfortunately, there is a hidden threat to this resource in the form of lost crab pots littering the seafloor. Over 12,000 crab pots are lost in Puget Sound each year, entrapping and killing nearly 179,000 harvestable crabs.

By preventing the destruction, more crabs will be available.

The number one cause for loss is user error, which means we can prevent this from happening through education. Marine Projects Manager for the Northwest Straits Foundation, Jason Morgan, will discuss causes, problems, and solutions for crab pot loss in Puget Sound and how you can be a responsible and successful crabber.

Find excellent Tips and Tricks to Catch More Crab in the videos posted here: