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Camano Intertidal Monitoring – Mabana Rd

May 2, 2022 @ 10:40 am 12:40 pm

Re-scheduled to 7/27 at 9 am (start at 8:55 am).

Low tide is -1.3 ft at 10:54 am on 7/27/2022

Beach is private – meet at Brock Residence, 3302 Walnut Court – carpool to beach access

Very soft sand. Water-type footwear recommended. Beach is well-known for whale “bites” or pits in the sand because they frequently feed here.

Beach Captains: Barbara Brock (h: 360-387-7903), Pat Foss (206-909-5735)

>> Sign up here: SIGNUPGENIUS <<

Below is a photo from 2003 taken at English Boom on monitoring day. The four beauties modeling the Muck-O-Lids are (from left to right): Alice Blandin, Jan Holmes, Liz Thomas and Joey Eldridge. The Lids worked as you can tell from the muck on the bottom of the lids and the fact that the wearers survived and made back to the log for the photo. Walking with the Lids was a bit of chore but it beat getting stuck in the muck and inundated by the incoming tide. As Dave B. mentioned, the English Boom monitors no longer venture out into the mud.

Alice Blandin, Jan Holmes, Liz Thomas and Joey Eldridge