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Join us for a great keynote talk

The morning Keynote will be given by Jason Hodin of Friday Harbor Laboratories. He’ll be speaking on the topic of Sunflower Sea Stars and Captive Rearing on February 3, at: 8:45 am at the Coupeville High school for Sound Waters University!

Sunflower Sea Stars and Captive Rearing

Are you curious about sea stars? Have you heard of sea star wasting disease? Ignite your curiosity at Sound Waters University with Jason Hodin, a biologist breeding critically endangered sunflower sea stars on San Juan Island at Friday Harbor Laboratories!

Sunflower sea stars have important functions within its ecosystem maintaining a healthy balance by predating upon sea urchins. Without Sunflower sea stars, sea urchin numbers increase and begin feasting on kelp, resulting in reduction of local and regional biodiversity (NOAA Fisheries).

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Spawning Sunflwoer Sea Star Underwater in Couepville, Washington
Spawning Sunflower Sea Star. By: Tabitha Jacobs-Mangiafico

Jason Hodin, Keynote

Jason Hodin received his PhD in Zoology in 1999 at the University of Washington, focusing on insect metamorphosis. He is a biologist who specializes in raising species of sea urchin, sea stars and other related creatures, studying their larvae and metamorphosis at Friday Harbor Laboratories. His studies on careful rearing of echinoderm larvae through metamorphosis and into the juvenile stage are what led him to be tapped to lead the sunflower star captive rearing effort. 

Jason Hodin
Jason Hodin