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Sea Stars

Did you know that Sea Stars are not related to fish and have a water vascular system that pumps water rather than blood through their system to help their hydraulic movements? Filmed by Allie Hudec.

Leque Island Estuary Restoration

Loren Brokaw of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife describes Salmon Life Cycle and all the behind-the-scenes work that went into returning Leque Island to estuary.

“Baby Salmon Live Here” is the theme for the summer 2024 educational series sponsored by Sound Water Stewards and funded through donation to SC Give (Stanwood Camano Giving Tuesday event).

Salmon Live Here

About Sound Water Stewards

Introduction to Sound Water Stewards of Island County

Getting To The Waters Edge is a must have guide to the beaches of Island County. This book was written and published by Sound Water Stewards.

See our volunteers in action working on our forage fish project.

Find out more about our volunteer training program.

Thank you to the Whidbey Community Foundation for your grant to help fund our Volunteer Education Training!

What’s In the Water Today was an online class that dives into the world of plankton.

Wildlife and WA State Parks Videos

Part of the Locked Doors and Hidden Worlds series. Human history and natural wildlife of the Keystone Spit area, including underwater.

The Displays at the Coupeville Wharf were created and built by Sound Water Stewards. Video made with Atlantis STEAM (a STEM program on Whidbey.

Locked Doors and Hidden Worlds, Fort Casey Powerhouse and Bats. Produced by Sound Water Stewards and Washington State Parks.

First Day Hike at Fort Casey, Sound Water Stewards and Washington State Parks.

Moon Snails, Sound Water Stewards

Sea Stars, Sound Water Stewards

Salmon, Sound Water Stewards

Gray Whales, Sound Water Stewards

Penn Cove Orca Captures and Lessons Learned Since: Produced by Sound Water Stewards, the Orca Network and filmmaking students of Oak Harbor High School.

For Kids Of All Ages

Rain Shadow Explorers, Seaweed

Rain Shadow Explorers, Rain Shadows

Estuary Soup, Elaine Chan. Recorded in July 2020

Recorded Lectures and Classes

UW ROV team explains their project and what their ROV can do. Recorded 3/14/2022

Kirt Onthank talks about cephalopods and the muusoctoups of Burrows Bay. Recorded 1/10/2022

Lisa Kaufman talks about NW Straits Foundation ‘s approach to restoration. Recorded 2/14/2022

Joyality, Finding Hope in Times of Crisis with Rachel Taylor

Hiking Close to Home with Maribeth Crandell and Jack Hartt

Seattle Seawall Salmon Habitat Restoration with Jeffrey Cordell

Puget Sound Shellfish, Teri King

Leque Island Estuary Restoration, Loren Brokaw

Sea Level Rise, Dr. Ian Miller

Orca Whales, Jill Hein

Solutions to Stormwater Pollution, Adrienne Ross Scanlan

Humpback Whales, Erin Johns Gless

Citizen Science and Restoration, Jason Toft

Skyroot Farm, Dr Eli Wheat

Digging for Dinner Safely and Understanding Beach Closures for Shellfish Harvesting, Jerry Borchert, WA Department of Health (WDOH), Marine Biotoxins Program. Recorded 7/19/2022.

2024 Monthly Meeting Recordings

Living with Beavers – Ariana Winkler of Snohomish Conservation District & Beavers Northwest. Recorded 3/11/2024