The Problem with Plastics – Mahmoud Abdel-Monem

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Mahmoud Abdel-Monem, Dean Emeritus, WSU School of Pharmacy


The Problems with Plastics

Class Description: Dr. Abdel-Monem, SWS Class of 2007, gives us an overview of plastics, incorporating the chemical makeup, the pros and cons of this material, the harmful components of resins and additives, microplastics, genotoxicity, environmental effects, and promising recent developments. Drawing from decades of research and experience with plastics, he will demystify and unravel the many-layered challenges that plastic, in all its forms, brings to our lives.

Mahmoud Abdel-Monem

Mahmoud Abdel-Monem is Dean Emeritus of the College of Pharmacy at Washington State University in Pullman. He retired in 1988.

Prior to WSU, Monem was on the faculty of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota, and in 1985 he received the University of Minnesota Amoco-Morse Outstanding Teaching Award, a University-wide award in recognition of his effort in developing novel educational systems utilizing computer-managed instruction. In 1999, Abdel-Monem received the University of Minnesota Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award, in recognition of his significant contributions to higher education and research. Abdel-Monem has served as a scientific consultant to industrial firms throughout his academic career and holds over 25 U.S. patents.

He has extensive knowledge of the various ways plastics interfere with the body’s endocrine system and their ubiquitousness in our natural environments. 

Mahmoud Abdel-Monem was a member of Sound Water Stewards, Class of 2007. He was also active with Deception Pass Sail and Power Squadron. He lived with his wife on Whidbey Island until he passed in early 2022.


Lecture recorded 9/23/2021 before the SWS Class of 2021

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