Forage Fish – Phillip Dionne, WDFW


Forage Fish: Little Fish, Big Impact

Class Description: Forage fish are a critical keystone species in the marine food web. They specialize in eating plankton and then are eaten by other marine and shore species. Forage fish are crucial to a healthy marine ecosystem. Learn about their life cycles and the ways their spawning habitat can be negatively or positively impacted. 

Speaker: Phillip Dionne  is the forage fish research and management lead for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). Phillip has been with WDFW since 2011, and during this time he has worked on tagging and telemetry studies of ESA listed green sturgeon, developed spawning biomass estimates for Pacific herring and ESA listed Eulachon Smelt, developed new methods to improve detection of Surf Smelt and Pacific Sand Lance habitat, monitored the effects of shoreline modifications on nearshore habitat, assisted with surveys of coastal pelagic species, and has had the privilege to work with and train over two hundred volunteers, profession biologists, and AmeriCorps interns in the US and Canada to document forage fish habitat.


The video below showcases SWS doing the Forage Fish Egg Survey at Maple Grove boat launch on Camano. Scroll down below video to find more materials


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