Jeanie McElwain, SWS Class of 2003, self-taught expert at using intertidal guides to identify species

Class Description: SWS Member Jeanie McElwain walks through tools to support your training to become a Steward. This includes the EZ ID laminated species identification guide (plants and creatures) and the 2020 third-edition of Getting to the Water’s Edgeaffectionately known as GTWE

These materials are described or mentioned.

photo of jeanie mcelwain

Speaker: Jeanie McElwain, SWS Class of 2003, is a naturalist and a natural educator. On Whidbey, Jeanie leads the SWS Intertidal Monitoring Program and Species Identification Training. She serves on the Board of Directors, Whidbey Steering Committee, VETC (Volunteer Education and Training Committee) Field Trip Team, Community Science Committee, and is Bluff Erosion Study co-coordinator with her husband PaulBen McElwain.

Additionally, Jeanie leads the Distribution Team for our guide book Getting to the Waters Edge which is described briefly in the promotional video below.

Remember to sign up for at least one day of Intertidal Monitoring to get out with Stewards on Camano or Whidbey beaches (dates to be announced in class).

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