Crab Lifecycle, Derelict Gear, Preserving the Resource

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Don Velasquez, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Class Description: Don Velasquez, WDFW, provides an overview of the biology, ecology, and complex nature of the Puget Sound Dungeness crab (Metacarcinus magister) fishery. He describes current harvest practices and explains how rules and regulations are used to manage the resource throughout Puget Sound.

Don Velasquez
Don Velasquez

In addition, he presents data from several current research projects that have been developed to improve understanding of the population dynamics of the species and facilitate the conservation and management of the resource. Students gain an understanding of crab biology, proper gear rigging and how fishery seasons are structured. Class participants also learn about the work being done to reduce the prevalence of derelict crab gear in Puget Sound.

Speaker: Don Velasquez of the WA Dept of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW is, based in Bothell, WA. Don began his WDFW career working with the Clam and Oyster Enhancement Project at Point Whitney facility on Hood Canal. Since 1995 he has been working primarily with crab and shrimp fisheries in Puget Sound. Don holds degrees from Oregon State University (BS Biology, 1986) and University of Washington (MS Fisheries, 1992).


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Suggested Activity

  • Take your EZ ID laminated guide to an intertidal zone of a local rocky beach, and see how many species of crab you can identify.


Use this study to get more out of the lecture: Crab Study Guide and Study Guide with Answer Key

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