Bull Kelp Health and Protection

Since 2015, Sound Water Stewards has been coordinating with multiple organizations on boat based surveys of local kelp beds in Island County. Curious to know where that data goes and what decisions are influenced? Here are a few updates from our partners in the field:

  1. The Puget Sound Kelp Conservation and Recovery Plan: Status Update is now available online! This status update summarizes the advancements made within each of the six Puget Sound Kelp Conservation and Recovery Plan goals in early 2020 to early 2023, and provides workshop-generated, lessons learned and next steps to help inform and guide our collective forward movement of the plan. 
  2. The Kelp Policy Advisory Group, an effort funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts, just released a document summarizing 11 recommendations to advance effectiveness of kelp policy in Washington. The recommendations are intended to outline the guidance, resources, and tools needed for individuals and entities responsible for upholding kelp protection and recovery measures and authorities in Washington, especially those at local jurisdictions.
  3. The Kelp Plan webpage has been updated. Along with links to the Kelp Plan Status Update and the policy recommendations document, you can also find information on upcoming events as well as links to other useful information.

A huge thank you to our very own Bull Kelp Survey crews on both Camano and Whidbey for collecting key data to help understand the overall health of the Salish Sea!

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