Robbin Boyatt (W)

Robbin Boyatt face picture

Board Term 2023-2025

Robbin Boyatt moved with her husband to Whidbey Island in 2019 to be closer to family and friends. Growing up in the Colorado Rockies, she has always had an affinity for places and landscapes that make her feel small. Robbin joined Sound Water Stewards in 2019.  The Volunteer Education and Training program gave her the opportunity to discover a new natural world and meet like-minded people. “The VET training was magic, suddenly I found I wasn’t just looking but seeing.”

Since joining SWS, she has served on the VET committee for 2022, assisted the Sound Water University Field Trip Team, serves as the Libbey Beach Lead for Intertidal Monitoring, volunteers with Washington State Parks and participates in several Sound Water Stewards educational efforts. Robbin graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BS in Nutrition and The Yale School of Public Health with a MPH. After working in all sectors of healthcare, she worked for the last ten years for a national consulting firm specializing in home health and hospice.

Robbin brings a strong background of organizational skills and a passion for the beliefs and values at the core of SWS.