Lee Badovinus (W)

Volunteer on the beach

Board Term 2022-2024

With a 50-year career as an educator (Pre-school through Community College) and 60 years as a volunteer, Lee moved to Whidbey Island in late 2016 and joined the Volunteer Education and Training program in 2018. Since then, she has embraced many opportunities with Sound Water Stewards: As a writer/preliminary editor on the third edition of Getting to the Water’s Edge; as a contributor to children’s programs at Fort Casey; as a member of Intertidal Monitoring teams; as a Pigeon Guillemot surveyor, colony lead, part of the Whidbey Pigeon Guillemot Coordinating team, and as the SWS Pigeon Guillemot Liaison; as Recorder, Program Team, and VET representative for Sound Waters University; and as VET Scheduler 2019 through 2021 and VET Lead for fall 2021. When not volunteering, Lee is equally passionate about keeping up with family and friends, investigating what’s living on Whidbey beaches and forests, and managing a bit of wilderness acreage on Admiralty Inlet.