Kelly Zupich (Spʼrqʼʷaqs)

Kelly Zupich bio photo 300x300

Kelly was the first employee and was hired in 2016 soon after SWS became a new non-profit organization. Today she holds a three-fourths time position as our Executive Director. Kelly works closely with the Board of Directors on strategic planning, infrastructure, community relations and supervises staff. Kelly has a talent for graphic design, photography, and designing activities for children. 

“I grew up on the Spokane Indian Reservation. I was taught from a young age to harbor a deep love and respect for our natural world, and I want to do my best to help facilitate that in my daily and work life. For a decade, I dedicated myself to being a Veterinary Technician. Through this work, I learned the importance of teamwork and efficiency to keep the clinic running and patients safe. I continue to strive to provide a safe and effective volunteer and staff team to improve and protect the Salish Sea Environment. I am a certified education interpreter through the National Association of Interpretation, Washington State parks and am working towards a degree in Marine Biology.”

Contact: Email Kelly or 360-720-4173