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Kelly Webb is a member of the SWS Class of 2019. She is co-chair of the Stewardship Committee. Previously she was on the Getting to the Water’s Edge distribution team and Volunteer Education & Training (VET) committees. She serves on the SWS board to promote strategic and financial planning. Today Kelly serves as Chair of the SWS Fund Development Committee. She is also a former board chair and is now on the Executive Advisory Committee for the Inland Ocean Coalition. Kelly is currently employed for the Port of Coupeville

In an earlier life, Kelly was the principal and co-founder of an integrated/sustainable building design and consulting company that also provided sustainable design education. Prior to that, she was the Director of Campus Sustainability and the Institute for Sustainable Studies for an art and design college, where she developed and implemented sustainability policies, procedures, and curricula.

Kelly is a LEED AP O&M, has a Master’s in Environmental Policy, a Green Advantage Environmental Certificate, a Certificate in Green Building, a Certificate in Sustainability Leadership and Implementation and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management. Her greatest achievement is building a net-zero energy home, moving to a new state, and being lucky enough to have an awesome son that graduated college in her living room during the COVID lockdown – all at the same time.