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Board Terms 2016-2024

SWS Treasurer & Board Member since 2016, BW class of 2014

  • Executive committee member since 2016
  • Head of the finance committee since 2016
  • Member of the Fund Development committee since 2016
  • SWS/BW  representative to LEP board since 2015, LEP bookkeeper and LEP Executive committee member since 2017 
  • In charge of all financial aspects of SWS, check writing, payroll, financial reporting, budgets, and taxes.
  • In charge of GTWE web site sales, ship station software &
  • In charge of Little Green Light Donation logging site.

Life/Work Experience

  • Current Board member / Data manager – Whidbey Island Garden Tour
  • Current Chairman – Useless Bay Shores Water District
  • Beach Watcher Advisory Council member – 2015
  • Over 40 years of experience in business accounting, including several decades with my own businesses.
  • Setup new accounting systems for many different businesses.
  • Volunteer Firefighter / EMT (Urbandale, Iowa)
  • South Whidbey Island Rotary (2008-2012)
  • Hearts and Hammers Volunteer
  • Past Chairman and member of a church finance committee.
  • Past  President and  Treasurer of a homeowners association.
  • Past President and board member of a retail association.

Reason I serve

  • To maintain financial transparency for SWS, and help where I can.