Jeanie McElwain (W)

Jeanie McElwain bio photo 300x300

Board Term 2020-2022

Jeanie, a BeachWatcher/Sound Water Steward since 2003, serves in multiple leadership roles.  Among them—the Intertidal Monitoring Program; Bluff Erosion Monitoring Project;  Volunteer Education and Training Committee; and the Getting to the Water’s Edge Distribution and Marketing Team.  She also serves on the Science Committee, the Steering Committee, and other sub-committees and task groups.

Jeanie’s greatest SWS love is  naturalist education.  Having created and co-lead the Extreme “Low Tides Guides” project in 2003-4, she now leads numerous species ID field trips for trainees, members, and others.  As lead of the Whidbey Island Monitoring Committee’s Species ID Study Group, she  brings together skilled ID leads, members of the monitoring teams, and interested SWS members for onsite and Zoom trainings.

She also designs and leads member (and public when feasible)  field trips such as to nearby aquariums and science research centers, and the harbor porpoise project in Anacortes.

With a PhD in Psychology and a lifetime background in working with non-profit membership programs, outreach to unserved populations, death & grief counseling, brain function and communication effectiveness, and oriental healing modalities, Jeanie’s other great interest in SWS are in organizational and group processes and membership support.