Allison Hiltner (W)

Allison Hiltner face picture

Board Term 2023-2025

Allison fulfilled a longtime dream of moving from Seattle to Whidbey Island in 2014. She retired in 2019, completed Volunteer Education and Training in 2020, and started serving on the Volunteer Education and Training Committee the following year. She became the Volunteer Education and Training Program Team Lead in 2022. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of environmental science and environmental issues gained through her 30+ year career at the Environmental Protection Agency. Her work at EPA focused on investigating and cleaning up hazardous waste sites and contaminated water bodies such as Commencement Bay in Tacoma and the Duwamish River in Seattle. Allison has a BS in Aquatic Environments from Allegheny College and a MS in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin.

Allison loves to travel to far flung places and has conducted research on the effect of small environmental disturbances to arctic ecosystems in Alaska and taught farmers about fish farming in Kenya. She has a lifelong love of nature and science and volunteers for community science projects including the pigeon guillemot survey, intertidal monitoring, mussel watch, and the forage fish survey. She loves to explore all Whidbey Island has to offer through hiking, biking and kayaking.