Baby Salmon Live Here. We raised $5500 on GivingTuesday @

Update: When donations and prizes and a SCAF Board gift are added up, we raised $5500!

Thank you to all who donated on Giving Tuesday!

Your donations help Sound Water Stewards launch a new educational series to explore salmon life cycle, the importance of clean habitat, and ways to preserve it. We will present fun activities for people of all ages delivered through a variety of venues. Each activity earns a stamp on a Salmon Steward Passport.

Your financial help on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 28 will provide the resources to set up the program and verbal support to spread the word in 2024 as the activities get scheduled.


When you give on GivingTuesdayNovember 28, you make it possible for our community to:

  • use a microscope to see living plankton that are a food source for young salmon
  • take a tour of a local salmon hatchery to learn how they maintain strong genetic lines and support future generations
  • visit a restoration site or participate in a planting party to restore a stream bank and create shade to keep water cool
  • create an art project or a coloring page 
  • go on a scavenger hunt to find what salmon need to thrive
  • identify ways to stop pollution
  • learn how eelgrass beds and bull kelp forests provide food and shelter for salmon
  • watch salmon underwater up close onscreen 
  • finish a “You Make A Difference” puzzle

Our everyday actions can help salmon thrive.

Watch the salmon in Jim Creek, a tributary to Stillaguamish River, filmed ethically to not disturb the fish. Location is away from active redds (nesting areas). At no time did the photographer enter the creek, contact the creek bed, or disturb a redd.

At SC Give on November 28, 2023, your donation can help create a new Salmon Stewards education series for the Camano-Stanwood area.

Click on the image >> to start the video.

Mark Your Calendar – Nov. 28

Help Sound Water Stewards meet our goal and win added prizes

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