2023 State of the Sound

state of the sound 2023 report cover

The latest report on Puget Sound Vital Signs and progress on recovery is now available – download in Spanish or English.

Puget Sound ecosystem holding on, but recovery remains uncertain, says latest status report

By Christopher Dunagan for Puget Sound Institute at the University of Washington, Tacoma

“Efforts to restore ecological health to Puget Sound have largely failed to meet recovery goals, yet fish and wildlife populations are still hanging on, according to the latest State of the Sound report from the Puget Sound Partnership. The new report describes many struggling populations as neither increasing nor decreasing to a significant extent.”

Many of the species monitored by SWS are part of the Vital Signs Indicators of the health of the Puget Sound and Salish Sea, as determined by the Puget Sound Partnership. The new 2023 report is the first assessment to use a revised set of “vital signs indicators” that measure environmental conditions and vitality among plants and animals — including humans. 

vital signs indicators nov 2023

Out of 44 “vital signs,” which measure ecosystem health, six are getting better, five are getting worse and 23 show no trend.

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