Salish Magazine – Call for Articles

flatworm - onamac

Salish Magazine, a nonprofit, all-volunteer project, is seeking content for the upcoming Life Underground issue of the online magazine.

The magazine helps people see local “nature” from an ecosystem perspective, and this focus on Life Underground includes both terrestrial and marine (e.g. clams, tubeworms, etc.) and, of course, other things that they have relationships with.

If you’re interested in writing for the quarterly Salish Magazine, see the PDF with more details.

DEADLINE: Salish Magazine is written and produced by volunteers. We know you’re busy and
we can work with you on exact due dates. Due for Spring 2022 issues: ASAP.

Salish Magazine tells stories about things at people can see first-hand outdoors in our
Salish Sea region. It ties the topics into the larger ecosystem and includes lots of
illustrations. We rely on volunteers to contribute content—whether you’re an aspiring
journalist, essayist, poet, photographer, or artist, Salish Magazine would love to hear from you

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