Nov 15 Storm Surge at Cama

storm surge big waves at cama

The Nov 15, 2021 extreme high winds coincided with a moderately high tide. Wind waves and storm surge swamped many neighborhoods on Camano and Whidbey Islands as downed trees led to widespread power outages on both islands and regional severe flooding in WA and British Columbia.

See these amazing pictures shared by staff at Cama Beach State Park and Cama Beach Foundation volunteers.

Splashes far higher than the roof. All families were safely evacuated except one who refused to leave and stayed to enjoy/experience the surf spray. Of course the power was out too, but the high tide was near 2 pm, so during daylight.
Right where SWS volunteers were standing during Harvest Fest.

And then the next day after the water receded …

The platform with spool table floated from the NW corner of the yard in front of the Park office to rest on the south wall by the driveway.
On the other hand, the chessboard went in the other direction but got stopped by the north wall.
Washout at the Boathouse seawall looking north. Not good.
high water mark at cama store on nov 15 2021
The debris on the ramp on the south side of the Cama Beach Store indicates just how close we came to having water in the Store again. Jeff Wheeler figured the water reached 1” below the floor level.

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