119 Pounds!

monofilament lagoon south photo

That is the total amount of monofilament line collected by Stewards and taken for recycling at Skagit Steel & Recycling in Burlington since we started this (approx. 9 yrs ago).

Recently 10 pounds were delivered bringing the total to 119. Jill Hein says, “It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a LOT of line that will not end up where it shouldn’t be.”

Thank you, Jill Hein, for being our fearless leader in this endeavor. And thank you to the entire team who regularly check the monofilament tubes to collect what’s there and separate the actual fishing line from the other garbage that sometimes gets deposited.

The team includes Rob Harris, Carol (Finn) Gatewood, Kelly Webb, Penny Harger, Bob Gentz, Clarence Hein, Vanessa Meriwether Irvine. All of the rest of SWS send you our deepest appreciation!

Learn more about this Stewardship Project: Monofilament Recycling (yes, next step is update the metric on that page).

Piles of Monofilament Fishing Line
monofilament lagoon south photo
monofilament man with bags photo 1

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