* 4th Wednesday Evening Talk

Come to the Camano Library (Terry’s corner) at 7pm on the 4th Wednesday to hear talks on environmental topics important to Camano Islanders.

June 28 ”Southern Resident Orcas – An Icon in Danger” presented by Cindy Hansen (Orca Network)Orcas, or Killer Whales, are one of the most studied and adored cetacean species.   Southern Resident Orcas were listed as an endangered species in 2005, yet after a decade of efforts they are not yet recovering. The Orcas’ fate is strongly linked their primary prey, Chinook salmon, also an endangered species.  This talk will explain Southern Resident Orca Biology, Social structure, Culture, Endangered status, and Efforts underway to save them from extinction.

May 25 – Pigeon Guillemots – The Adorable Seabird with Bright Red Feet  Presented by Govinda Rosling, a Whidbey Island wildlife photographer active in the Guillemot Research Group, and Ann Casey, a retired educator active in both the Whidbey Audubon Society and the Guillemot Research Group.

April 22 – Climate Change-Local Impacts presented by Tamara Neuffer, Stillaguamish Tribe Natural Resources Outreach/Education Coordinator

March 22- “Shell Aquaculture in Northern Puget Sound”, Bill Dewey, Director of Public Affairs, Taylor Shellfish Farms

January 25 – “Estuaries in the Skagit River Delta — a Bird’s Eye View” – by Leah Rensel.

See the 4th Wednesday web.page for further details.