C.10 Gray Whale and Other Cetacean Research off the Pacific NorthwestJohn Calambokidis

This class will present new findings on gray whales and other cetaceans in the Pacific Northwest from the perspective of an active researcher studying a number of local species. Information will include recent results from photo-identification and tag deployments. Photo of researcher deploying tag on whale

New research on gray whales has revealed a far more complex role for this species in the region and shown that  several local populations use our waters more extensively than solely as a migratory corridor.

We will also discuss the recent dramatic changes in occurrence of several other species and latest research findings concerning them.  For example, recent results show that humpback whales have increased their use of Pacific Northwest inside waters as a feeding ground and are potentially returning to a role more similar to that which occurred prior to whaling. Harbor porpoises also have shown an increase and return to Puget Sound waters.

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