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Bridget McNassar

Photo of Bridget working with plants in greenhouseBridget has run the native plants and restoration programs for Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center since 2013.

After nine years as a middle school science teacher, she spent some time traveling and working on various forestry and ecological research projects and then went back to school for a Master’s degree.

At the University of Idaho she spent a great deal of her time gaining experience in nursery research and production, as well as organic farming.

She is so grateful to have landed in the spectacular Snoqualmie Valley. Developing and running the native propagation, research and education program at Oxbow ties in many of her passions and provides many fun challenges.

Especially interesting is discovering the many secrets of native plant propagation.

She recently took on the role of managing restoration on the Oxbow property and is in the beginning stages of creating a property-wide, long term management plan. The opportunity to work at an organization with such a strong focus on sustainable land use, conservation and education is truly a dream come true for her.

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