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Maggie Glowacki

Photo of Maggie Glowacki Maggie Glowacki is a Senior Land Use Planner and Fisheries Biologist for Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD). Maggie leads the regulatory updates to Seattle’s environmental regulations. Maggie is currently working on the update to Seattle’s Environmental Critical Areas regulations and she recently completed the comprehensive update to the City’s Shoreline Master Program. Maggie has her Master’s Degree in Natural Resources and Fisheries and has worked as a Land Use Planner for Seattle DPD for fifteen years. In addition to her work on environmental regulations, Maggie is working on a mitigation program for the City of Seattle that will introduce a unit of measurement for shoreline habitat that will aid in the implementation of the new Shoreline Master Program. Maggie has also recently completed an EPA grant that created the Green Shores for Homes program.  This is an incentive based program that encourages residential property owners to make environmental improvements along their shorelines.

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