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Dawn Pucci

close up of Dawn demonstrating equipment used for the seining field work at Cornet BayDawn has been the Lead Entity Coordinator for salmon recovery in Island Count (WRIA 6) for 3 years. Lead Entities are grass-roots watershed groups that drive salmon recovery in WA State through facilitation of partnerships and sound science.

She has been in the salmon recovery network in WA for 15 years and also previously in British Columbia.  

She has worked with forest and fish ecology, wetlands science and marine telemetry projects.

She lives on Whidbey Island with her husband (a retired Navy Chief), daughter (an exceedingly bright 11 yr old), 3 dogs (2 useful, 1 retired), 3 horses (who wish they were retired) and 8 sheep (who really don't care as long as they get fed).

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