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Ken Campbell

Photo of Ken CampbellKen Campbell is a paddle sports instructor with expedition experience in Washington, California, British Columbia and Newfoundland.

He has authored several books on Pacific Northwest kayaking. As Director of the Ikkatsu Project his work focuses on environmental issues that affect our oceans.

In 2014, Campbell paddled from Olympia to Bellingham in a kayak made out of discarded plastic bottles. This voyage of the Hyas yiém raised awareness about the damaging effects of plastic debris in Puget Sound. During this expedition Campbell organized beach cleanups, gave presentations, and conducted surveys and microplastics sampling.

The plastic bottle boat, named Hyas yiém, is now on exhibit at the Foss Waterway Seaport in Tacoma. A documentary of this expedition was released Spring 2015 as a film/book set entitled "Message in a Plastic Bottle".

The Ikkatsu Project continues to maintain beach monitoring and cleanup programs, provide public outreach through presentations and film, and work with schools, tribes, community organizations and non-profits. Why?--To connect people with their natural surroundings in a real and lasting way.

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