Sound Waters University

Sound Waters is a wonderful experience every year. Overall, I am very impressed with the high degree of organization and planning that makes this event so inspiring and such a great learning experience. -- 6th Year Attendee

Sound Waters is a "one day university for all", bringing together people passionate about life in Puget Sound. Held since the early 1990s on the first Saturday in February on Whidbey Island, WA, Sound Waters now attracts 600+ people yearly. No prior knowledge is required to attend - just an interest in learning about and taking care of this amazing place that we call home.

Sound Waters offers attendees a choice of 60 or so fun and informative classes and presentations about the natural world and the fragile environment of this special place in the Salish Sea.

Thanks to all who came to Sound Waters 2017
Saturday, February4th, 2017
and made it a most successful day!
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The organization of this event is stupendous. Everything from on-line registration to the-day-of to recycling, clean-up and evaluation are just great. Everyone involved in the planning and implementation has my deepest gratitude. Well done!

This was a GREAT conference. THANKS TO ALL OF THE VOLUNTEERS THAT MADE THIS HAPPEN! I felt a bit like a kid in a candy store.

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People who come to Sound Waters are really happy with their experience ...

1st Year Attendee, 2013 -- This is fantastic! I had no idea this existed until I heard about it last month. The quality and caliber of the classes is more than anything I've seen available in western Washington outside of the UW. I intend to attend next year for sure.

3rd Year Attendee, 2014 -- This is a glorious day---it is so great to be with other concerned citizens active on behalf of our environment. Thank you for all the obvious effort you put into this. It is much appreciated.

6th Year Attendee, 2014 -- This is one of the most important and valuable programs I've known. It was encouraging to see so many people interested and concerned about environmental issues and viewing Sound Waters as being a credible source of information.

2nd Year Attendee, 2015 -- With so many amazing class choices for each session I found it difficult to just choose one out of the many classes available because there were probably 8 or 10 offered classes I wanted to take per session. Fantastic choice of classes and outstanding instructors !!