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Cymathere triplicata (Triple-rib kelp)

photo of triple-rib kelp
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This annual brown seaweed is one of the few kelps to have a discoid hold fast instead of finger-like haptera.  Three longitudinal folds running the length of the entire blade give this kelp its common name.  A stipe up to ~25 cm (10 inches) long leads to a blade that can reach 4 meters (12 feet) in length and 18cm (7 inches) wide.  It is found in the low intertidal and subtidal on exposed and semi-protected rocky shores.  O'Clair and Lindstrom note that Cymathere and Hedophyllum are two of the most thermally sensitive seaweed species and cannot survive in waters warmer than 64° -59° F respectively.


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photo of triple-rib kelp