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Solaster stimpsoni (Striped sunstar)

photo of striped sunstar
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This species is usually red or orange with a blue-gray spot in the middle from which blue-gray stripes radiate down each tapering arm.   Occasionally it is seen with a darker bluish background and then it is difficult to discern the spot or stripes.   This sea star normally has 10 rays but these can number from 9 to 12.   It is a large species and has been recorded up to 20 inches across.   Solaster stimpsoni preys on a variety of sea cucumber species and occasionally supplements that diet with brachiopods, ascidians, or sea pens.   In turn, it is preyed on by the morning sunstar ( Solaster dawsoni ). The striped sunstar is found from the low intertidal to a depth of 600 feet.   Another common name for this species is Stimpson's sunstar.

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photo of striped sunstar