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Acmaea mitra (Whitecap limpet)

photo of whitecap limpet
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Unlike some other intertidal limpets, Acmaea mitra has a distinctive appearance, making it easy to identify.  Viewed from above, the outline of this limpet is almost round and in profile, it has a high conical apex set near the center of the shell.  Maximum diameter is 1-3/4 inches.  The whitecap limpet is found very low in the intertidal zone in areas with moderate to heavy wave action and it ranges to a subtidal depth of 100 feet.  It feeds on red encrusting coralline algae and is often overgrown with it, giving its normally white surface a coating of pink.  Another common name for this species is “dunce-cap limpet”.      


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photo of whitecap limpet

photo of whitecap limpet

top and profile view of whitecap limpet